PowerPard battery test system receives buck-support strategies to control the fundamental circuit, and progressed PWM amendment innovation on AC side to acknowledge bi-directional control of DC and AC vitality. It can streamline the force factor and lessen consonant in fractional matrix. On DC side, propelled three-stage amazed current sharing control innovation is applied, acknowledging highlights for DC transport voltage: high-accuracy and low-swell yield, movable wide range, brisk powerful reaction, and so forth.

    PowerPard battery test system is additionally programmable, and can be optionally evolved and applied with the assistance of host programming or remote test and control programming. It tends to be utilized for advancement and trial of following applications:
    Vitality stockpiling framework/on-lattice inverter framework
    Vitality reusing framework
    Test framework for EV engine/controller
    Test framework for EV transmission/powertrain framework
    Test framework for committed EV engine/controller
    Test framework for committed EV transmission/powertrain framework
    Test framework for electric transmission/driving arrangement of boats/vessels
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    The 894 and 895 are high precision LCR meters fit for estimating inductance, capacitance, and opposition of segments and materials at DC or from 20 Hz to 500 kHz or 1 MHz individually.
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    The 830C and 890C are 11,000-check handheld capacitance meters that measure capacitance up to 200 mF (50 mF for 890C).

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    The CSN Series of shut circle current sensors depend on the standards of the Magnetoresistive or Hall impacts, and the invalid equalization or zero attractive motion strategy (criticism framework). The attractive transition in the sensor center is continually controlled at zero. The measure of current required to adjust zero motion is the proportion of the essential current moving through the conductor, duplicated by the proportion of the essential to optional windings. This shut circle current is the yield from the gadget and presents a picture of the essential current diminished by the quantity of auxiliary turns whenever. This current can be communicated as a voltage by going it through a resistor.


    The 8500B Series programmable DC electronic burdens enhance all parts of its antecedent while keeping up constancy at a worth cost. This arrangement underpins both SCPI and the regressive perfect heritage convention.

    With a transient mode speed of up to 10 kHz and multi-type input terminals for banana fitting or spade connectors, these DC loads are appropriate for testing and assessing DC power supplies, DC-DC converters, batteries, battery chargers, and photovoltaic exhibits.

    Most extreme info power up to 1500 W
    CC/CV/CR/CW working modes
    Transient mode up to 10 kHz in CC mode
    16-piece voltage and current estimation framework with up to 0.1 mV/0.1 mA goals
    Rundown mode and movable slew rate in CC mode
    Short out test
    Worked in battery test work with voltage level, limit level, and clock stop conditions
    CR-LED mode to mimic the stacking conduct of regular LEDs
    Remote voltage detecting to make up for the impact of voltage drop in wires
    Simple current control and checking
    TTL (DB9) interface, incorporates TTL to USB connector (models 8542B, 8500B, 8502B, 8510B)
    USB and RS232 interfaces (8514B as it were)
    OVP/OCP/OPP/OTP and neighborhood/remote opposite voltage (LRV/RRV) insurance
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    The model 1823A is a complementary 2.4GHz widespread recurrence counter that is chip controlled. The LED show can give nine digits of goals utilizing the interior 10s entryway time. The high exactness, affectability and flexibility of this counter make it a very significant instrument to researchers, designers, experimenters and interchanges experts.

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    The Contec DMM-552-PCI is a computerized multi-meter board which highlights 5 1/2 digits high accuracy and 2 channel synchronous estimation capacities.
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    The BT51 Low Resistance Ohmmeter makes estimations by going a current through the conductor under test and furthermore checking the voltage across it. The test current is restricted by a basic current constraining circuit and is estimated by observing the voltage over a resistor. The test current is kept up at an ostensible 2 An, and as the estimation is ratiometric, the perusing is unaffected by any present varieties.
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    The 2550 arrangement advanced capacity oscilloscopes convey execution and incentive in 2-channel and 4-channel setups. With data transfer capacity from 70 MHz to 300 MHz and 2 GSa/s test rates, these oscilloscopes offer 24 kpts/Ch waveform memory, 32 programmed estimations, and progressed activating abilities including math capacities. Built to permit you to see a greater amount of your sign under test, the 2550 arrangement’s widescreen 7″ TFT show offers a fundamentally bigger review territory than average economy oscilloscopes (5.7″).

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    The SRS SIM970 Quad Digital Voltmeter is intended to at the same time measure numerous DC voltages, giving long haul exactness, unwavering quality, and proficiency.

    The Voltmeter’s SIM900 centralized computer can bolster up to 16 DVM associations. The Unit additionally includes 4 voltage ranges: ±199.999 mV to ±19.9999 V that can consequently or physically chose.
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    Complete UL and ANSI testing in under one moment
    Protections devices and apparatuses against stun peril
    Decreases personal time and ensures against injury and risk
    Keeps up consistence with OSHA wellbeing guidelines
    This item has been supplanted by the PAT450.

    The Tool and Appliance Tester consolidates, in one versatile unit, the three most much of the time determined electrical security tests for devices and machines. In conformance to the most recent UL and ANSI test prerequisites, the instrument performs trial of ground congruity, spillage flow and electrical protection; it additionally checks the nameplate flow rating of the gadget.
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