This high-temperature thermocouple with a gas-tight sapphire protection tube has been specifically developed for use in gas reactors. Through the monocrystalline structure, the sapphire protects the precious metal of the thermocouple from poisonous toxic media in the aggressive atmosphere of the gasification reactor.This patented solution has been used successfullyin different reactors worldwide since 1997 under the designation model T-FZV. Pressure-tight, hermetically sealed junctions between the sapphire and metal protection tube, and also a multifold sealing system in the connection case prevents toxic gases from being able to escape the reactor.The high temperatures and pressures in the gasification process place very high demands on protection tubes and thermocouples.These process conditions often lead to shut-downs and interruptions in operation. Utilizing the patented sapphire design can significantly improve life expectancy and reduce downtime
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