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    These high-quality diaphragm pressure switches have been developed especially for safety-critical applications. The high quality of the products and manufacturing in accordance with ISO 9001 ensure reliable monitoring of your plant. In production, the switches are traced by quality assurance software at every step and subsequently are 100 % tested. All wetted materials are from stainless steel as a standard.
    In order to ensure as flexible operation as possible, the diaphragm pressure switches are fitted with micro switches, which enable the switching of an electrical load of up to AC 250 V, 20 A directly.
    Applications of the diaphragm pressure switch
    Pressure monitoring and direct switching of electrical loads
    General process instrumentation in the chemical and petrochemical industries, oil and gas industries, power generation incl. nuclear power plants, water/wastewater industries, mining
    For gaseous and liquid, aggressive and highly viscous or contaminated media, also in aggressive ambience
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