The Multiwave Photometer PFO3372 fuses the utilization of fiber optic testing adornments for included estimation capacity. The ABB Multiwave photometers give ceaseless estimations in complex streams which take into consideration quick responses to process changes. The quick examination gives ideal control of a procedure and improves its sheltered activity. Estimations can be made in fluid or fume streams.

    ABB process Multiwave photometers give nonstop on-line estimation of gas or fluid segments, in straightforward or complex procedure streams, for process control, item quality affirmation, wellbeing, impetus insurances and territory observing.

    The PFO3372 joins the utilization of fiber optic inspecting adornments for included estimation ability.

    Dampness applications, for example, water in acids, water in methanol, water in hydrocarbons or hydrocarbons in water are acceptable possibility for the fiber optic alternative. Applications that require a quick reaction time, for example, checking the Lower Explosive Limit (LEL) for hydrocarbons in air, ought to likewise be thought of.
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