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    The SITRANS FCS300 is one of the most compact Coriolis flow sensors on the market. Its small size simplifies installation and replacement, and allows you to optimize your plant layout by fitting multiple units into tight spaces.
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    Suspended float switches are attached to a highly flexible cable hanging from above and contain a micro switch, which is potted and enclosed, shock and fracture-proof, in a double-chamber system. When the float body is immersed in a liquid, the float bulb tips and triggers the micro switch.
    With the MS1 model range, a stabilisation weight is also built in, so that this switch is also suited for greater solids contents.
    Waste water treatment plants
    Pumping stations
    Special features
    For waste water, sewage and heavily soiled liquids
    Environmentally friendly, mercury- and lead-free
    PP housing
    High mechanical and electrical durability of micro-switch
    Suitable for use in hazardous areas Ex zone 0, 1 and 2
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