No scale multipliers
    Various test voltages for spot and step voltage testing
    Watchman terminal to dispense with surface spillage current

    Convenient, independent instruments intended to give fast and exact estimations. Four of the models highlight a simple presentation having four selectable test voltages of 100, 250, 500 and 1000 V dc, estimating protection opposition up to 2000 Mω and an ohm range to 5000 ohms. The other model has four test voltages of 50, 100, 250 and 500 V dc estimating protection obstruction up to 1000 Mω.
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    GBP 29.50 is included in the SA1-TH-44000 Series and is available in five (5) standard resistance values. It exhibits a self-adhesive design which can be readily applied to both curved and flat surfaces. Its sensor can be removed and re-applied depending on user. It is characterized with an interchangeability of ±0.2°C Standard (±0.1°C Optional). It has an operating range amounting from -80 to 120°C (-112 to 248°) Standard [-80 to 75°C (-112 to 167°) Optional] and has 1 meter (40″), 2 meters (80″) or 3 meters (120″) of #26 AWG Stranded PFA Insulated and Jacketed Cables Standard. An optional phone plug connector is also made available.

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    The measuring inserts per DIN 43735 for resistance thermometers described here are designed for installation in a protective fitting. Operation without a thermowell is only advisable in special cases. The measuring insert is manufactured from bendable, mineral-insulated sheathed cable. The sensor is located in the tip of the measuring insert. The measuring inserts are delivered with loading springs to ensure a good contact to the thermowell floor.

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