Complete UL and ANSI testing in under one moment
    Protections devices and apparatuses against stun peril
    Decreases personal time and ensures against injury and risk
    Keeps up consistence with OSHA wellbeing guidelines
    This item has been supplanted by the PAT450.

    The Tool and Appliance Tester consolidates, in one versatile unit, the three most much of the time determined electrical security tests for devices and machines. In conformance to the most recent UL and ANSI test prerequisites, the instrument performs trial of ground congruity, spillage flow and electrical protection; it additionally checks the nameplate flow rating of the gadget.
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    Highest safety by monitoring functions and easy operation
    Quick and easy mounting with compact and simple setup
    Meeting individual needs by modular design

    The HV Test Set is a cable tester for DC voltage testing of cables and cable installations in accordance with the international standards. It consists of an operation unit and HV unit. Due to its small size and low weight the test sets can easily be transported and used on-site. The HV Test Set is available in three versions (50/80/110 kV DC).
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    The high voltage test unit T99/1 is a convenient and ground-breaking test gadget ready to produce a DC voltage of up to 40 kV. The T 99/1 is utilized for testing of links, link frill, plant and establishments. On account of the short out confirmation structure and high yield current of the T 99/1, this is gadget is additionally appropriate for link shortcoming area (related to a TDR unit).
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    Protection testing to 1000 Mω
    Congruity testing at 200 mA down to 0.01 Ω
    Live circuit cautioning (voltage show) and test restrain
    Advanced/Analog showcase
    Basic or battery-powered batteries
    – 10°C to +55°C working temperature
    CATIII 600 V
    Adjusts to EN61557-1

    The MIT200 arrangement will discover applications in electrical contracting, both on household and modern frameworks, just as site upkeep and administration offices.

    The MIT200 arrangement of protection and progression analyzers are perfect for testing transformers, engines, generators, switchgear, board building, household apparatuses, power devices and so forth., just as fixed electrical wiring frameworks.

    Their little size and light weight make them perfect for those specialists that need to convey them for expanded periods.
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    Flexible current limiter
    Simple and amazing testing of link coats
    Beat yield voltage for sheath deficiency pinpointing
    Consuming of link deficiencies

    The sheath test framework MMG 10 is utilized for the voltage testing of plastic protected link coats. The test assessed the spillage current in regard to the link lengths. A flexible current limiter maintains a strategic distance from an inevitable drying or unintended difference in a deficiency spot.

    The high yield current can likewise be utilized for the low resistive consuming of a flaw. For pinpointing of sheath blames in plastic protected links and earth blames in unshielded links, the MMG 10 gives a beat yield voltage. The pinpointing is finished by the progression voltage technique with the Earth issue locator ESG 80-2/ESG NT.
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    2 Wire Non-stumbling circle analyzer
    50 V to 440 V activity
    110 V place tap circle testing
    CATIV establishment testing
    AUTO start – activity
    0.01 Ω goals

    The 2 wire non-stumbling earth circle analyzers check the circle impedance of a live electrical circuit, ie without the need to disengage the electrical flexibly. The new LTW300 arrangement instruments offer a 2 wire circle testing arrangement that doesn’t trip 30 mA RCDs and can be utilized on a wide scope of voltages.

    The new LTW300’s offer a scope of highlights to make earth circle testing more secure and simpler.
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    The nanoindentation analyzer for delicate and natural materials
    The Anton Paar Bioindenter is the perfect nanoindentation analyzer for describing the mechanical properties of tissues and delicate materials from the human body.

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    AC / DC voltage from 12 to 690 V
    Phase rotation
    LCD / LED display
    Bright LED torch
    CAT IV 600 V rating
    The Megger TPT320 voltage tester provides electricians and electrical engineers with voltage indication but has additional functions / features that makes the instrument a versatile instrument.

    The TPT320 highlights both LCD and LED shows that gives AC and DC voltage estimation from 12 to 690 volts, moreover, a progression work running from 0 to 500 kω. Congruity and voltage estimations more prominent are joined by an acoustic sounder.
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