Honeywell’s Zephyr™ Digital Airflow Sensors are now available in airflow ranges from as low as 10 SLPM (Standard Liters per Minute) to as high as 300 SLPM—the industry’s broadest airflow sensing range.

    – New low flow ranges: 0-10 and 0-15 SLPM
    – New high flow ranges: 0-50, 0-100, 0-200 and 0-300 SLPM
    – High Accuracy series ranges: ±50 SCCM to ±750 SCCM

    Honeywell’s Zephyr sensors are designed to measure mass flow of air and other non-corrosive gases. These cost-effective digital sensors offer high performance and precise measurement with the industry’s smallest Total Error Band, fast response time, high accuracy, high stability, and high sensitivity.

    -Configurable and customizable with a choice of port styles to simplify design and reduce production time.
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