• Quadrax connector MIL-DTL-38999 series

    Smiths Interconnect offers a total line of differential Twinax and Quadrax connectors, contacts, and cable assemblies for fast Ethernet, Firewire, and Fiber Channel applications. Differential pair quadrax and Twinax connectors and cable assemblies offer predominant execution in rapid coordinated impedance information on-request applications. The sign to flag and sign to shield trademark impedance is kept up all through the connector pair. A genuine twinaxial connector interface guarantees signal integrity while limiting jitter and information rate blunders.

    Information rates surpassing 2 Gbit/sec

    Transfer speed: Up to 3 GigaHertz

    Can be driven utilizing coordinated impedance differential pair interconnections for the board to board fast information move

    Ideal for solid, fast exchange of advanced sound/video signals

    cable assemblies choices accessible

    Shell Material: Aluminum, Alloy

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