In order to expand the range of services offered to its automotive clients since 2005, SUZZI has also specialised in cabling and assembly of customer-designed NTC Thermistors.


    Watlow thermistors are designed to ensure fast, accurate and repeatable temperature measurement. Thermistors are highly sensitive to small changes in temperature and maintain accurate temperatures over a limited range. These sensors are made with either epoxy-coated or glass-coated constructions and can be used in the most demanding environmental conditions.

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    GBP 29.50 is included in the SA1-TH-44000 Series and is available in five (5) standard resistance values. It exhibits a self-adhesive design which can be readily applied to both curved and flat surfaces. Its sensor can be removed and re-applied depending on user. It is characterized with an interchangeability of ±0.2°C Standard (±0.1°C Optional). It has an operating range amounting from -80 to 120°C (-112 to 248°) Standard [-80 to 75°C (-112 to 167°) Optional] and has 1 meter (40″), 2 meters (80″) or 3 meters (120″) of #26 AWG Stranded PFA Insulated and Jacketed Cables Standard. An optional phone plug connector is also made available.

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